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Friday, January 30, 2015

#FarmFactFriday - How Healthy is Beef?

Farm Fact Friday - How Health is Beef?

Photo courtesy of Stuart Family Farm
“Mom, I’m hungry…” “Mom, when is supper going to be ready?” “Mom, what’s for supper?”
As a child, I remember coming in the evenings and starting in with all of the “supper” questions. My mom would probably tell you I started in “whining” about when supper was going to be ready, how much longer, etc. After all, I was a growing teenager! My favorite times were when she quickly responded that we were having HAMBURGERS… or ROAST… or STEAK… for supper that night! 

Growing up on a cattle farm, I knew just how important it was to have tasty and nutritious beef in my diet!

So just how healthy is beef???

* One three ounce serving of beef provides you with more than half the recommended protein for the day. Also, the protein in beef is an excellent source of the necessary amino acids that you need in your diet.

* 29, yes twenty-nine cuts of beef meet the governments guidelines for lean

* Beef is a nutrient dense food

* Beef is the #1 source of protein, vitamin B12, and zinc

As a beef cattle producer, it is our job to provide consumers with an abundant, wholesome, and nutritious supply of beef. It is our job as the producer to advocate for the beef industry by informing the consumer about the truth behind beef.

From the Farmers Pasture to Your Plate. Remember to always be thankful and proud of American Agriculture. 

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Friday, January 9, 2015

#FarmFactFriday How Important is Agriculture to Tennessee?

How important is Agriculture to Tennessee? 

Gross income at the farm level totals more than $2.2 billion each year for Tennessee farmers. 
Agriculture earns Tennessee $20 billion annually, providing more than 200,000 jobs.

Cattle and calves are the largest source of farm income in Tennessee, totaling more than $409 million in 2001 or 19% of total farm revenue.
Tennessee’s top crops in 2001 include cotton, $186 million; tobacco, $172 million; soybeans, $147 million; nursery, $142 million; corn, $135 million; floriculture, $58 million; wheat, $50 million; and hay, $40 million.
Poultry is the second largest source of farm income in Tennessee, earning $364 million in 2001.
Tennessee is third in the nation in the total number of equine with 190,000 head. 
Be proud of not only Tennessee agriculture but American agriculture as a whole.

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