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Friday, January 9, 2015

#FarmFactFriday How Important is Agriculture to Tennessee?

How important is Agriculture to Tennessee? 

Gross income at the farm level totals more than $2.2 billion each year for Tennessee farmers. 
Agriculture earns Tennessee $20 billion annually, providing more than 200,000 jobs.

Cattle and calves are the largest source of farm income in Tennessee, totaling more than $409 million in 2001 or 19% of total farm revenue.
Tennessee’s top crops in 2001 include cotton, $186 million; tobacco, $172 million; soybeans, $147 million; nursery, $142 million; corn, $135 million; floriculture, $58 million; wheat, $50 million; and hay, $40 million.
Poultry is the second largest source of farm income in Tennessee, earning $364 million in 2001.
Tennessee is third in the nation in the total number of equine with 190,000 head. 
Be proud of not only Tennessee agriculture but American agriculture as a whole.

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