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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Reasons to Join Block and Bridle

10 Reasons to Join UT Block and Bridle

The College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources offer a wide range of clubs and student organizations. Clubs such as Wildlife, Forestry, Dairy, Equestrian and my personal favorite Block and Bridle. As a freshmen you are overwhelmed with these organizations wanting your participation by offering food, scholarship and of course fellowship.  I am going to offer you 10 reasons why Block and Bridle is the best student organization on campus.

You will become a world traveler… well maybe not the world but we do travel and have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and students from across the United States.
Club Members Remember the Alamo in San Antonio, Tx

    You will become a Role Model for younger agriculture enthusiasts… in Block and Bridle we put on some pretty awesome events. Events that have participants from all parts of Tennessee and North Carolina.

     Food, who doesn’t love food? In Block and Bridle we believe in fellowshipping around food. We not only got out to eat we also have potlucks after several meetings throughout the semester. 

Being a part of history… Block and Bridle is one of the oldest active clubs at the University of Tennessee. We have records that go back as far as the 1940s. 

You will join industry professionals as Block and Bridle alumni… we have some of the proudest and most active alumni across the agriculture campus. You will have the opportunity to connect with professionals that share the same common interest and goals as you do.

Friends… you will make some of the best friends in Block and Bridle. Friends that work together stay together. As a Block and Bridle member you spend quality time with your fellow club members through the year. You have club together, study together, eat together and have fun together.

You will be included into the “dirty, stinky” club. You will spend a lot of time with animals throughout the year and well cows, sheep and hogs stink! When you have to clean and then go to class, you might have a “certain smell!” It’s ok, only the coolest students can go to class smelling like poo and be proud of it.

Feeding the world… as agriculture students you have the coolest job ever. You get to go to work and feed the world! As a Block and Bridle member you will help look for opportunities to serve in food related events.

Active… you will be part of one of the most active clubs on campus. We take part in multiple events throughout the semester that gives you the chance to interact with students, faculty and individuals on campus.

Mechanic... while spending on average a million hours in the beloved van on trip, there are some times you will be required to fix a flat, lock the keys in the van, hook/unhook the trailer or on rare occasion wreck the poor van. You will know how to fix, unlock, manually move the trailer or find the closest tire repair in the middle of no where Texas.   

Extra Reason for joining Block and Bridle... Always, I repeat always getting a "WhataBurger" honey chicken biscuit after you cross the Mississippi River! 

I hope you will consider joining one of the coolest clubs at UT and becoming part of this awesome organization. For more information please contact our president Madison Swafford at

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